Finding the best LED Light Bar

When looking for the best LED light bar for your truck or off road vehicle, it is important to learn and read about them first. This guide will teach you and guide you through your purchase of a brand new led light bar

Best LED light bars the are worth the Money

  1. Black Oak Double Row LED Light Bar
  2. Rigid Industries Double Row LED light Bar
  3. Vision X Double Row LED light Bar

Different Types of Light Bar applications

Off Road

Off roading is the most popular application for LED light bars. When going off roading, you need lights to light up trails and fields at night time, since there are no lights anywhere.

For Highway Driving

Although not all light bars can be used on the road, there are street legal light bars that you are able to use on the roads, these ones are especially helpful while driving on dark highway roads at night time.

Flood Lights

Light bars are also great for applications around the house. A light bar in your backyard can illuminate your entire yard for bon fires or parties.


Out in the open sea where there are no lights is a great time to be using a light bar. They are great for lighting up the water.

Advantages of LEDs

Since LEDs are usually a number of lights in one board, you dont have to worry about one bulb running out.

They also run a lot cooler than bulbs, so you don’t have to worry about burning yourself or fires.

Types of Light Bars

Mini Bars

The smallest types of bars are either 2-6 inch bars.

Full Size Bars

Full size bars come in 20 inch to 50 inch bars

Low Pro Bars

Low pro bars are very low profile and dont stick out a lot.